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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Azerbaijan Region of Iran
Enjoying five World Heritage Sites officially inscribed on the UNESCO's World Cultural/Natural/Architectural Heritage List in recent years, the Region of Azerbaijan has many beautiful natural places such as magnificent mountain ranges, running rivers, overflowing spas and ever-spouting springs, the largest salt lake in the Middle East, wonderful caves, noisy waterfalls and vast vineyards, and many ancient historic sites to visit. The region has been the cradle of revolutions throughout history and the origin of the Shia as well. Azeris appear to the rest of the world as hospitable and kind people. This is particularly true regarding their cultural and historical background. They are possessed of rich folk music and literature, and some legendary characters. AzerELTA would provide the visitors from foreign nationalities with necessary information about how-to-get-to the sites. Foreign visitors may also get their hotel registration done by contacting AzerELTA at talebov@yahoo.com. AzerELTA members around the region would voluntarily guide the visitors towards the sites. Here are the 5 inscribed sites. The photos were taken by Alireza Talebzadeh visiting the sites.

1. Sheikh Safi al-din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble (2010)

2. Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, East Azerbaijan (2010)

3.The Christian Monastic Ensembles, West Azerbaijan (2008)

4. Soltaniyeh Dome, Zanjan (2005)

5. Takht-e Soleyman, West Azerbaijan (2003)

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