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# NAME Score ARTICLES to be translated
1 P. Ahadzadeh   Are Calcium Supplements Safe?
2 M. Ahmadian   A New Drug is Approved for Flu
3 A. Babazadeh   The Latest on Fish Oil and Vitamin D
4 E. Pouryousef   Drink or Breathe? Babies Have to Do Both
5 A. Taghizadeh   How to Stay Safe at Dinner Time
6 M. Tamizi   Hearing Loss is Not 'Cute'
7 R. Jalalat   Fruit Juice is as Bad as Soda
8 A. Khedmati   When You Eat Also Matters
9 A. Khayyati   When You Drink Coke Instead of Water
10 A. Kheiri   Chinese Men are Smoking Themselves to Death
11 R. Kheiri   Live a Long, Healthy Life
12 A. Salimi   Plastic Bags and the Future of the Planet
13 E. Abbasi   A Surprise Medical Treatment: Hypnosis
14 M. Abdoli   Coming this Summer: Mosquitos and Ticks
15 N. Farhangi   Patients of Female Doctors Seem to Live Longer
16 P. Feizi   Skip the Emergency Room, Go to the Barbershop
17 M. Qarebaghlou   Five Low-Cost Kitchen Tools That Make It Easy to Cook and Clean
18 P. Kouhi   Black Men and Women: The Stress Caused by Racism
19 M. Mohebbi   Something to Be Depressed About
20 M. Vahedi   Black Parents Ponder: What to Do?
21     Nearly Murdered at Fifteen, a Young Pakistani Woman Leads the Way
22     It is Not What You Eat, It is When You Eat
23     Get Healthy - Stop Eating Sugar
24     Dieting: Old Advice, New Again
25     How to Handle a Cold
26     It is Not How Much You Eat, it is What You Eat
27     Evidence and Common Sense: Do Not Drink While Pregnant
28     The Parasite in the Playground


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Midterms: 6 Points
Finals: 12 Points
Participation and Class Activities: 2 Points
TOTAL: 20 Points

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