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The use of ICT to Teach English
An inseparable part of our lives today is the use of technological and digital devices such as Internet and cell phones. E-mails, Newsgroups, File Exchange, Intranet connections, Search Engines, Video Conferencing, Distance Learning, Bluetooth, SMS and MMS are some of these technological accomplishments. This paper aims at demonstrating how mainstream English teachers can apply these high-tech devices for teaching purposes. Practical suggestions (on lesson 3 of Grade 2) are provided to show how Internet and cell phones can help both teachers and students in teaching/learning and handling vocabulary items, pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities. Also the use of such devices for assigning learner-specific homework, assessing students, providing/getting feedbacks, and group activities is made clear through examples and illustrations.
Key terms:electronic accomplishments, teaching English, Internet, cell phones
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