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Mr. Abdollah Abdollahzadeh of Mahabad (Sharifzadeh Lower and Upper Secondary school) wrote:

This is my viewpoint about English textbooks of secondary school : The main aim of English textbooks is to improve reading skill and meaning vocabulary items. It's crystal clear that language is not just reading and meaning. We may learn a language without reading and writing skills. The textbooks emphasized on learning words and reading text books. English text books don't have any proper discussion or listening parts. Even they don't have any cassettes or listening exercises for students to do at home or in the classroom. Lack of oral production or writing compositions are other comments that should be included to the books. It must be mentioned that easy listening tapes and repetitions encourage and motivate students to be interested in English language. It is also necessary to say that listening to cassettes in crowded classes is very boring and sometimes very funny, but if teachers allocate some marks for listening and have listening tests, students will pay attention to it and take it serious. In order to have correct pronunciation, students have to read and repeat their books aloud. It's good advice for students to tell them read books with a loud voice not just in their mind. Human verbal organs need practice to adjust with different word pronunciation. American famous linguist, Wattsan says, "as the result of changing human organs that he could speak!" A successful teacher always has lesson plans for books and he is careful about time and amount of subjects to teach in each session. Time and contents: The content of English book one is more than books Two and Three. It consists of nine lessons. Its last two lessons are difficult for students (especially passive sentences). On the other hand, the time of Book 2 and 3 is limited to 90 minutes a week. This time is not enough for teacher to teach and asks students and examines them. It's not reasonable to teach a new lesson in a case that students didn't learn or have forgotten the previous lesson. A successful teacher asks some questions about previous lessons. A good teacher provide opportunity for students to speak English and he himself speak English with his or her students. We must encourage students to speak English together out of their classroom. Learning Language is a skill and we can learn all skills by practice and repetitions. Speaking skill and pronunciation are so important that some linguists say, "language is a system of communication through sound."
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