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ELTA is happy to announce

55th Annual Intl IATEFL Conference and Exhibition
Belfast, United Kingdom

17th - 20th May 2022
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Welcome to AzerELTA website!

Azerbaijan English Language Teachers' Association, popularly known as AzerELTA, is an association of English teachers at all levels in Azerbaijan, Iran. Founded in 2002, AzerELTA is a non-governmental organization affiliated to the Ministry of Education. The association was officially registered on 12 March, 2009 in Iran under Registration No: 417 and is licensed by the Ministry of Education. It became an Associate Member of IATEFL in 2010. AzerELTA's mission is to improve the quality and scope of English teaching in public schools, private language institutes, and universities in Azerbaijan. Having two coordinators in each city in West Azerbaijan Province, AzerELTA hopes to provide services to all EFL practitioners working in schools, universities and English language institutes. AzerELTA's long-term goal is to expand and promote its activities and services into Azerbaijani provinces in Iran. The executive board of AzerELTA is elected by the members biennially.

AzerELTA aims to:
  • improve the quality and standards of English teaching and safeguard English teachers' professional rights,
  • hold seminars, conferences, workshops and in-service training classes for EFL teachers,
  • support and encourage English teachers to conduct research projects on ELT,
  • provide an opportunity for English teachers to share and support each other through publishing AzerELTA's newsletter and journal,
  • bring members and fellow ELT professionals together to network with,
  • offer consultancy to the officials in the Ministry of Education and other state bodies with regard to English teaching,
  • and last but not least organize general English and professional courses to novice EFL teachers.

AzerELTA Workshops

The management body and some members of AzerELTA were treated to the first phase of a one-day workshop on Strengthening Teachers' Association (STA). The training was delivered by Dr. Javad Gholami, an Assistant Professor of TEFL from Urmia University, at AzerELTA's head office on August 27, 2008. STA workshops are aimed at improving the structure, activities and services of teachers' associations. Following the workshop, Dr. Gholami and AzerELTA members exchanged their ideas on the status of English teaching in Iran in a very supportive and friendly ambience.

Educational Activities of AzerELTA

2nd Seminar and Workshop on Testing & Evaluation
Current Issues and Practices in Language Testing
Urmia, February 2008
Workshops and presentations held by
  • Dr. Muhammad Alavi, Head of English Department at Tehran University
  • Dr. Mahnaz Saeidi, Head of English Department at Islamic Azad University of Tabriz
  • Farhad Mazlum, PhD Student in TEFL from Teacher Education Uinversity in Tehran

Naqada 1st Conference on ELT Issues
Naqada, W. Azerbaijan, September 2007
Held by
  • Education Administration of Naqada, City Council and AzerELTA Members and Coordinator in Naqada

1st Seminar and Workshop on Testing & Evaluation
New Developments in Language Teaching and Testing
Urmia, August 2003

A brief summary of the presentation which was given to the audience is as follows:
The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate some of the new trends in language teaching and their corresponding procedures in language testing and language assessment that might be applicable to TEFL classes in Iran. More specifically, the presentation is intended to:
1. Provide an overview of the current approaches to language teaching and testing
2. Demonstrate the principles of the communicative era of testing and assessment

Workshop and Presentation Run by
  • Dr. Hossein Farhady, Associate Professor of TEFL from Iran University of Science and Technology

AzerELTA e-Journal
The Scope of the Journal
Although there is an ever growing number of publications on ELT, AzerELTA's electronic Journal deals generally with English Language teaching and learning especially throughout Iran. Addressing such specific issues as L1, L2, local obstacles in the way of English teaching, classroom management, textbooks and new trends in ELT, AzerELTA e-Journal is basically supposed to deal with issues, problems and topics concerning high schools and junior high school in Iran and abroad. Topics that are in one way or another related to Iranian mainstream education are most welcome. Yet international authors' investigation and studies are also important to the Editorial Board. The e-Journal is published periodically and all submissions should follow APA style and be written in English.

Call for paper submissions
AzerELTA e-Journal issue No. 6 is to be published electronically soon. Paper, book review, teaching tips, teaching techniques and activities, and any other submissions on ELT for AzerELTA issue No. 6 are welcome. Priority is given to papers which deal with practical issues on teaching, focus on local and regional challenges English teachers face in Iran, and enjoy originality.

The submissions need to meet the following requirements:
  • have a maximum of 10 pages;
  • contain an abstract for papers;
  • be written in English;
  • include a photo of the author;
  • be typed in MS Word 2003 with Times New Roman Font 12;
  • completed Transfer of Copyright form. Click here to download form.

    Please send your submissions through
    (a) E-mail to: info@eltanet.org
    (b) Fax: 0481-2244705
    (c) Postal mail: AzerELTA Office, P.O. Box 59715-513, Miandoab, W. Azerbaijan

AzerELTA Noticeboard
Workshop on ELT
Having held the 3rd workshop on testing and evaluation, AzerELTA is planning to continue holding this series of workshops. Further information on the date and venue of future events will be announced through AzerELTA's website. Make sure you regularly visit the website to keep yourself updated on coming events!

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